Tuesday, July 10, 2012

North Side Hustlaz Clic - Tales from the North Side

Artist: North Side Hustlaz Clic
Album: Tales from the Northside
Label: Versatile Records
City: Minneapolis
Year: 1995

This is the debut album by the North Side Hustlaz Clic Tales from the North Side. The group is made up of members: 

and Stray Ray (appearing on this album as just Stray)

The album is produced by Trey-Eighty, who also contributes rhymes along with En-Do to each track. Stray Ray only appears on a few of this first albums tracks. Interestingly, the album jacket lists the 'Souljahz Clic', made up of:

Ray Lil-B
and Lil-D

none of whom appear on even a single track. Pimpin' P makes the only guest appearance on the LP, and the album is Executive Produced by Lloyd J. Rhoden for his label Versatile Records. Another name that stands out is William Winfield, who's name pops up time and again on early Minnesota rap albums. I'm not sure what his connection to the group is, his background or the thread which ties him to other rap groups from Minnesota. It's likely that as assistant producer, Winfield was contributing to the tracks or recording and mixing of the albums, who knows.

This album is pretty hard to find, and any copies or links to them are just as rare. If you have a copy or have any more information to share about it, leave it in the comments or hit me up.

I'm including the albums front, back and liner notes in order to share as much info as possible and hoping that anybody with more information can help shed some light.

For now, enjoy the "Parliment sampled" [according to the liner notes] "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" by the NSHC

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